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Kaitlyn Kiley

KAITLYN KILEY Pink flower pouch dress layered over a separate yellow flower pouch skirt.
KAITLYN KILEY Pink flower pouch dress layered over a separate yellow flower pouch skirt.

From lace and tulle to leather and plastic, 24-year-old fashion designer Kaitlyn Kiley, of Marshfield, does it all. With a passion for handwork and fine detail, Kiley updates her Instagram feed (@kaitlynkileydesigns) with in-progress and finished works to share with the world.

Q. Looking at your feed, there is a strong presence of lace, tulle, and flowers. Why those?

A. I’m very inspired by feminine floral aesthetics recently. For the collection I am working on, it is a lot of pastels and more of a romantic aesthetic. I get a lot of inspiration from the fabric in general and recently I’ve been working with donated fabrics and upcycling. I’ve had a lot of donated chiffon and been working with what’s given to me and drawing inspiration from that.

Q. The newest posts have looked more futuristic, with bright pops of color.

A. That was from a collection I released last summer, but I have been collaborating with a local photographer and we have been posting that collection.

Q. Who do you have in mind when designing your clothes?

A. I have in mind people who like to stand out with more intricate clothing and clothing that draws attention. I think that kind of reflects on your personality when you wear my designs.

Q. What are three adjectives that describe your unique style?

A. Feminine, ethereal, and delicate.

Q. How do you choose which parts of your creative process to photograph and post?

A. It takes a long time. Even when I’m just posting pictures of piles of fabric, it’s very neatly organized so the colors are pleasing and even just how they are arranged.

Q. Do you have a background in fashion or art?

A. I started sewing when I was 11, when my mom sent me to sewing camp, so that’s how I got started. Then, I did costume design in high school theater and when I got to college I majored in fashion design at Framingham State.

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