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What to watch for at Boston Calling 2018

By Sophie Cannon, Editor-in-Chief

The bulldog in the bowler hat has been giving all of Boston a knowing look from posters and T stations across the city: you really have to come to the show. Boston Calling season is upon us again, and this year’s lineup has touched on both nostalgia and newcomers. Here is a look at both sides of the spectrum to ensure a timely but sentimental trip down MP3 lane at the festival.

The Throwbacks:

Pull out the old iPod and reapply the eyeliner because two of the hit artists of the 2000s are back. Eminem is headlining the last day of the festival, and even though he is still considered an older artist in terms of early millennial popularity, he has just released a new album “Doublem Beats, Vol. 1”

On the first day of the festival, the woman that every seventh-grade girl wanted to be and every seventh grade-boy wanted to be with, Hayley Williams of Paramore hits the stage. Again, her older hits like “Brick by Boring Brick” and “The Only Exception” will always be able to capture hearts, Paramore’s 2017 album “After Laughter” have the pop overtones that fans loved from past albums but listen closely for darker lyrics that even your emo phase might have to rewind and listen again.

Not necessarily a throwback, but once White Stripes member Jack White will be headlining on Saturday. Rising to fame in 2002 as the lead singer of the Stripes duo, White still has that stripped-down rock sound but with his own personalized flair for raw sound and minimalism. Before the show, watch his latest “Saturday Night Live” performance for a taste of what Saturday may bring.

The New Stars:

Among the newest of the rising stars is known only by his first name: Khalid. The 20-year-old prodigy has only released one album so far “American Teen” but it has rocketed him to fame at a record pace. Not only is he headlining the last day of the festival in Boston, his song “The Ways” was featured in the blockbuster hit “Black Panther” and he has won a VMA for Best New Artist at the 2017 awards.

Sharing a birthday with me (April 25) Maggie Rogers is another newer artist worth a listen. While many know her for her single “Alaska” or maybe only remember the part when she was singing it for Pharrell Williams, Rodgers has released two albums and is in post-production on the third.

One of the older of the new but still making headlines all over the country is the band that stylizes their name in all caps, BROCKHAMPTON. Releasing three albums in record speed, the multi-member boy band signed their first record deal with RCA records May 30. They are set to drop their fourth album “Puppy” sometime in 2018.

The festival is being held at Harvard Athletic Complex on May 25 – 27. Limited tickets are available at http://bostoncalling.com/tickets/

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