Boston Calling 2018: Five minutes with Lillie Mae -Artistry Magazine

Boston Calling 2018: Five minutes with Lillie Mae

By Sophie Cannon, editor-in-chief

Photo by Sophie Cannon

Born to perform is an understatement in the case of country musician Lillie Mae. Starting off as a singer in her family band, Forrest Carter Family Band, at the age of just three, Mae graced the Boston Calling stage on Saturday with the professionalism and poise of a seasoned star. This Calling performance comes after the release of her first full-length album, “Forever and Then Some” in which Jack White — the headlining act of Saturday’s lineup — produced. In the media tent, Artistry Magazine got just five-minutes of face-to-face time with Mae, orange lips and piercing blue eyes lighting up her face as we spoke.

Q: Coming off of your set this afternoon, officially kicking off the day at the Green Stage, how do you feel?

A: It was wonderful, there were more people at the show than expected and that was great. Most of the sound and crew had been here a whole lot longer than we had. It was great, it’s been a beautiful day and the show went really well.

Q: It’s funny, you opened the Green Stage and your pal Jack White will be headlining there to bookend the night. Can you talk about your connection with him?

A: (singing) “I know, we’re connected!” I’m signed to Third Man Records [Jack White’s label] but I also played with Jack for a few years before that. I’ve been working with him seven or eight years now, recording and working on many, many projects and he also produced my last album. Anyone who gets to see him, I’m excited for, because I just got to hear him in Atlanta and it’s a treat.

Q: So, you started off in a family band at just three and now you are off on your own at music festivals. What does your family think about that?

A: They hate it! I’m just kidding. My brother is here with me today playing guitar. The family band still exists, it’s out there and everyone is still playing. I’m really blessed because I have a wonderful family. They are extremely supportive no matter what. I’ve been full-time since I was three so I’m just waiting to retire. No, just kidding!

Q: While some start out in music, others, especially college students are just now discovering their talents. What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

A: The music community is so strong, so get to know people. If you came to Nashville the music community is so strong, it’s unbelievable. My family, we were all homeschooled, so I guess my advice is stay in college — stick it out!

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