A letter from the editor of Artistry Magazine -Artistry Magazine

A letter from the editor of Artistry Magazine

Written by Sophie Cannon, Editor-in-Chief

* This letter appeared in the print issue of Artistry Magazine Fall 2018 and will be digitized soon. Check back for updates. *

At a research university, there are many opportunities to do things as students that many others, adults even, don’t get to experience. We have state of the art facilities, professors, and labs. Just looking out of a dorm window, the skyline is interrupted by the Death Star of a building, ISEC, stocked with technology and innovation.

However, regardless of major or concentration, many students have a creative itch. To scratch that, at least for me, I found the arts and culture magazine on campus, and it has made my time here all the more meaningful.

At the end of this semester, I will have been the editor-in-chief of Artistry Magazine for a full year, and a staff member for almost my entire college career. Starting out, I’ll admit that I was in it to get material for my journalism resume, motivated by future co-ops. Now, as I get ready to leave for another adventure, I am realizing just how important it is to have an art and culture magazine, open to any and all, to explore the less academic and the more creative parts of life.

When joining an arts publication, I came across a conversation that would repeat itself many times, and one that I have had with myself as well. When I tell people that not only am I pursuing journalism, but with an entertainment and culture focus, people have posed that it isn’t as important as hard news. Artistry doesn’t report on the latest campus news, nor do we comment on politics or current events.

I want to pursue a career in the media and entertainment industry because I am still, without a doubt, making a difference, and I don’t want to leave Artistry thinking I have not. While we are not exposing scandal or crime, we do expose the human side to a story that otherwise seems unapproachable. Writing an informational piece on local artists in the Boston area enriches the community around us. Putting together an article of the best art galleries makes a huge data dump of information understandable. And writing music reviews and concert coverage, my personal favorite thing to do, provides context and hopefully inspires new listeners for well-deserving musicians. I love fashion, music, theater, and art, and those are the things that bring communities together.

So, Artistry 2018 and beyond: Whether you are a STEM major with an interest in fashion, or a journalism major like me who wants to write about what they love, I truly hope you take pride in the arts and continue to advocate for it on campus. This magazine has not only given me an outlet for my creative, non-academic writing, but a community of people who want to get more out of their time in college and embrace the artistic, musical, fashionable, and entertaining city of Boston that made me apply to Northeastern in the first place.

Here’s to 2019!

Sophie Cannon, Editor-in-Chief

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